Becoming a Missionary!

Dear friends and family,

Wow! Can you believe it has been 9 months since my return to the States already? I can’t believe how fast time has gone by! These past months have been a unique opportunity to live with my sister’s family in Vancouver, WA and treasure the moments I have with my two adorable and lively nephews. Watching them grow and being able to laugh, play, and wrestle around with them has been the highlight of living with the Schwigens. Also, I have been blessed to live with them rent-free, allowing me to save money from my two positions at Cherrywood Village (a retirement community in Portland). At Cherrywood, I am both the Receptionist and HR Assistant, which keeps me very busy during the week, but I love the time I have investing in the residents and my coworkers!

As much as I am enjoying the present, it is also time to start looking forward into the coming spring! It is time to announce that I have been accepted onto staff at YWAM Seamill’s base in Scotland and I am planning on returning to the mission field full-time in May! At the base I was living at in Scotland, they have a two-year program called World Changers, which intensely trains staff members to be missionaries and develops them into core mission leaders. Not only am I going to be on staff at Seamill, but it is also my plan to join this program and step into a life of leadership, making disciples and sharing the love of Christ to the nations.

My vision in returning to the Seamill Centre is 3-fold: local, communal, and personal.

  1. The town of Seamill / West Kilbride is a quaint town on the beach of the Firth of Clyde, across from the Isle of Arran. The people there are vibrant and lovely and it is my vision that through living in the city, I would be able to build relationships with the locals, eventually seeking to host gatherings at the Centre and invite the people I’ve met to further build relationships and connections between the local community and our YWAM community.
  2. For base community vision, I will be deeply investing in the Discipleship Training Schools (DTS’s) that come through our base (this was the school I did at Seamill for 6 months in 2014-2015). I will be staffing the schools that come through to train, mentor, and disciple the students involved as well as travel with them to other countries for their outreaches to further the Gospel of Jesus. I have a great desire and passion to raise up leaders in Christ and to encourage those who want to walk more firmly in their relationship with Christ.
  3. And as for personal development, for 2 years I will be part of a program called World Changers, which further develops staff members in leadership. I will be attending seminars on how to be a YWAM leader and have mentors to help further my passion in leadership, teaching the Bible, and making disciples.

None of this will be possible, however, without a supportive community to partner with me through spiritual and financial support. My goal is to raise $1,000 of support per month. If you would like to partner with me in prayer and financial support, I invite you to pray and ask God how you would like to join with me in reaching Scotland and the nations. A commitment of support is understandably a stretch, but rest assured that all donations would be tax deductible. Once started at the base, I will be establishing a means of financial budgeting through a YWAM base in Tyler, Texas, which will make all donations tax deductible. All contributions will go towards living life as a missionary and even a commitment to $10 a month is a HUGE help in reaching the nations!

Monthly expenses are estimated to be between $900 and $1100, covering ministry, base, and personal expenses. With a monthly goal of raising $1,000, here is an overview of the estimated costs:

Food: $146  Housing: $370        Laundry: $13     Communication: $ 32
Pension / Insurance: $32  Transportation: $32

Conferences / Seminars: $32      DTS Outreach: $40     Evangelistic ministry: $20

Clothing: $15          Toiletries: $25         Recreation: $46      Groceries: $55
Gifts: $32

In addition to these monthly expenses, I will need every prayer my support team can muster! It is by no means an easy task moving, let alone moving to a whole new country! Please pray that during this time, God will provide me with His peace, comfort, and patience allowing me to rest one step at a time as I raise support and go through the moving process. Throughout living life as a missionary, you can be sure I will be emailing newsletters with updated prayer requests as well!

If you would like to partner with me in making my $1,000 monthly goal and help me to reach the nations, please contact me via email: (this email is also connected to PayPal) or by phone: 360-989-6257.

Thank you for your support, love, and prayers Jesus and I seek to encourage the brokenhearted and proclaim the Gospel to the nations!

Gwen Fiedler


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